AQ Youth Enhancing Radiance Cleansing Foam 125g – DECORTÉ Malaysia
AQ Youth Enhancing Radiance Cleansing Foam 125g

AQ Youth Enhancing Radiance Cleansing Foam 125g

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Leading the way to anti-ageing care for pores.
For the ultimate beauty.

Microbubbles that penetrate and remove sebum plugs, providing anti-ageing care for pores.
A face wash with a penetrating foam that realizes radiant skin.

A new formula cleansing foam, designed for pore aging care. Its soft, dense, and  finely-textured foam gently removes stubborn dirt buildup, oxidized sebum, and old keratin that causes dullness, leaving your skin bright and translucent

It polishes the skin to a supple, lively, glowing beauty and clears away dull impressions.

Seeds of evening primrose extract, provides a luminous and translucent freshness.
Plum fruit extract, gives moisture to skin for transparency and radiance

*Paraben free

How to use:

1. After wetting your palms and face, take about 2 cm of the amount onto your palms, and foam well with a small amount of cold or lukewarm water.

2. Wash your face gently as if enveloping the skin with foam, then rinse thoroughly.