The DECORTÉ Beauty Regimen – DECORTÉ Malaysia

The DECORTÉ Beauty Regimen

An easy, step-by-step personalized morning and night skincare routine

Our Signature Beauty Step for Supple, Radiant Skin
Use emulsion before lotion to soften skin and balance its oil and moisture level
to improve the absorption of other skincare products. 

Step 1
Smile Stretch® Cleansing (Wipe Off Method)


Smile Stretch® Cleansing (Rinse Off Method)


Step 2
Smile Stretch® Daily Washing


Step 3
Smile Stretch® Emulsion First (Skin Softening)

Step 4
Smile Stretch® Lotion (Skin Balancing)


Step 5
Smile Stretch® Cream / Serum


Final Step
Smile Stretch® Heartful Press