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Whitelogist Neogenesis Brightening Concentrate

Whitelogist Neogenesis Brightening Concentrate

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A discovery 115 years ago that remains everlastingly pure. The Brightening Power to illuminate your youth. Thoroughly addresses dark spots for clear, radiant skin over the entire face, spots and larger areas.

● A brightening serum formulated with the naturally derived active brightening ingredient Kojic Acid and Feverfew Extract (moisturising).

● Without overlooking even the hint of dark spots, it thoroughly addresses dark spots, delivering moisture to address dullness due to dryness, and demonstrating brightening effects that bring clarity to the entire face.

● Active brightening ingredient Kojic Acid targets the 37 million melanin-producing cells across the face, addressing the melanin that seeks to proliferate deep within the skin.

● Suppresses melanin production, preventing dark spots and freckles in advance.

● Exclusive complex ingredient G-Initializer comprised of ingredients such as Feverfew Extract, formulated in a quasi-drug product for the first time. Addresses dullness due to dryness, leaving skin suffused with transparency and moisture.

● Newly formulated/increased amounts of two types of naturally derived moisturising ingredients. While dewiness and high penetration remain unchanged, skin is left bright, suffused with more moisture and transparency.

● A refreshing and pleasant fresh green floral scent.


How to use:
● Use in the morning and evening after conditioning the skin with lotion.

● Press the pump, taking a small amount into the palm of the hand. Blend gently into the face.