Whitelogist Kojic Acid Brightening Mask (17.5ml x 6 sheets)

Whitelogist Kojic Acid Brightening Mask (17.5ml x 6 sheets)

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Crystal-clear skin and instant moisture.
Brightening at the height of clarity and translucency.

From DECORTÉ advanced brightening range Whitelogist, a first-ever brightening mask created from cutting-edge melanin research for crystal-clear skin in just 10 minutes.

Containing Whitelogist’s signature brightening ingredient Kojic Acid and other specially selected plant-derived ingredients, the mask helps to instantly restore skin’s moisture, brightness and lustre while protecting skin to reject damage caused by UV rays, preventing future spots.

Antioxidative and soothing properties immediately calms skin to feel soft and comfortable. With excellent stretchability and adhesion, the two-layer mask feels like second skin on your own, boosting the delivery of an abundance of ingredients.

Just 10 minutes – skin is clearer than you ever imagined, brighter and more moisturised from the moment you remove the mask.

Clear Rescue Ingredients  

Kojic Acid - Whitelogist Active Brightening Component
Prevents melanin production and stops tyrosinase activity responsible for dark spots.

A natural amino acid found in mushrooms with high antioxidant actions to prevent DNA damage and the formation of lipid peroxide as well as eliminates active oxygen caused by UV rays that leads to melanin production.

Gentiana Lutea Root Extract 
Taken from the roots of gentiana known for its high moisturising effects and actions to soothe skin.

DECORTÉ Capsule Technology Ionsome BC 
Quickly delivers beauty ingredients to deep areas of the skin to target stubborn spots and revert to normal state.

Clear Rescue Ingredients are thoroughly delivered deep into skin with the mask’s Penetration Pressure-Adhesive Sheet, a high-density and ultra-fine fibre structure with outstanding adhesiveness to the skin for quick penetration.

    How to use:
    Use once or twice a week at night after lotion. Leave on for 10 minutes. Remove and blend the essence thoroughly into skin.