Moisture Liposome Mask (20ml x 6 sheets)

Moisture Liposome Mask (20ml x 6 sheets)

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Powered by Liposome Technology™, this ultra-adhesive facial sheet mask restores skin’s essential moisture by delivering a continual burst of time-released hydration to reset fatigued skin, reversing dullness and rough texture often the result of skin oxidation from environmental damage.

Proprietary multilayered Liposome Technology, an ultimate moisturizing ingredient, and encapsulated actives, treat skin on contact to instantly soften and smooth for improved resilience and radiance.

Murasaki-Kuromai (Purple Rice):
Purple rice contains large amounts of anthocyanin and polyphenol delivering effective antioxidation benefits. By using unprocessed rice, natural nutrients are kept intact, creating a more effective biosphere of activity for greater skin care results.

Royal Jelly Extract:
Rich in vitamin B, pantothenic acid, amino acid, enzymes, and minerals, it has the effect of activating and promoting skin metabolism.

How to use:
• Condition your skin with a lotion first.
• Unfold the mask after removing from the package. Hold the forehead part with both hands and align with your eyes before positioning it on your forehead, cheeks, mouth and nose.
• Hold the cheek part and press along the nose and mouth. Pull up the mask towards your temple, one side at a time. Overlap the sheets and press closely onto skin.
• Leave on for 10 minutes. Remove and massage the remaining liquid into skin until fully absorbed. Recommended to use once or twice a week for a healthier skin barrier.