DECORTÉ KIMONO SAKURA eau de toilette 50ml

DECORTÉ KIMONO SAKURA eau de toilette 50ml

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With the ephemeral elegance of cherry blossoms

A soft and innocent floral fruity musk fragrance as if enveloped in elegant cherry blossoms.
Dewy, fresh rose encounters the delicate softness of cherry blossoms to express a floral that resonates in the midst of transparency.
Powdery iris remains as the last note.
Natural Sublime Rose Essence gives an elegant depth to the fragrance, filling the mind with the gentle, warm feeling of cherry blossoms.

The eau de toilette is presented in a frosted bottle with a sweet looking that expresses softness of the cherry blossom petals to the touch. A subtly shimmering, sheer organdy ribbon adorns the bottle like the obi of a kimono.

Caroline Dumur

Top Notes

Middle Notes
Cherry Blossom, Peony, Muguet, Rose

Last Notes
Iris, Musk, Ambrette