AQ Aura Reflector 10g

AQ Aura Reflector 10g

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Created by weaving 6 shades, the face powder blends softly into skin for a range of control functions to achieve a sense of clarity filled with elegant luster. Skin emanates an aura as if radiance is overflowing from within

Product Features:
 • The powder’s six colours mix together to produce an array of control functions: Clarity, healthy complexion, coverage power, brightening, and the impression of your face structure being lifted. A veil of luster wraps the skin and brings about a clear, clean brightness.

• With a soft, moist touch, it fits the skin as if it melting smoothly into it.

• Fills skin with a velvety luster and suppleness as if skin is overflowing with aura.

• Naturally conceals everything from dullness to unevenness, visible pores and indentations caused by fine wrinkles.

• Prevents oiliness due to sebum and perspiration, makeup smudges, and smears caused by dryness, leaving behind instead a long-lasting
beautiful finish.

• Comes with a puff and a brush so you can use the product when necessary to match the occasion, creating different finishes according to your needs when you are out and about.

How to Use:
Use it over base makeup or to touch up whenever necessary. Take an appropriate amount onto the puff or brush. Tap lightly on palm to remove access and apply to skin.