Advanced iP.Shot 20g

Advanced iP.Shot 20g

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To the epidermis and down to the hypodermis, high-performance wrinkle improvement essence that takes care of both wrinkles on your skin now and those that may appear in the future.

Utilizes our evolved iP-Solution AD*. High-performance wrinkle improvement beauty essence delivers nutrients to problem areas around the eyes and mouth, reducing the wrinkles you have now and giving your skin a brighter future. Wrinkle niacin (niacinamide) for dermis and epidermis repair.

New base formulation transforms into a balm when mixed with lotion. Blends with the skin to leave it feel enriched, while working like a facial mask to completely cover problematic wrinkles. 
Beauty ingredients completely penetrate the stratum corneum.

Draws out supple skin, leaving skin firm and with a subtle shine. This is a sign of its true effectiveness. Such signs become results, leaving skin with a bright, youthful glow that doesn’t show any of the signs of aging, including lack of firmness, gloss or moisture.

Calming fragrance containing a mix of citrus, green and wood scents for a balanced floral chypre that is gentle yet refreshing. Allergy tested (results may vary depending on the individual).

How to use:
Use morning and night after preparing your skin with lotion. Apply an appropriate amount to desired areas, such as around the eyes and mouth.
(Use slightly less if applying makeup.)